Tell Cumulus Media to Pay its Workers a Living Wage
to Keep Quality Local Radio

KNBR-AM, the leading sports radio station in the Bay Area is owned by Cumulus Media, an Atlanta-based corporation. Although KNBR enjoys top ratings and is highly profitable, Cumulus pays most of its off-air workers at or near minimum wage – currently $13 per hour – even as San Francisco voters approved increases to minimum wage toward $15 over the next few years. Many of the passionate professionals who bring you outstanding coverage of the 49ers, Giants, Warriors and other Bay Area teams are required to work multiple jobs to make ends meet.

These dedicated producers, board operators and other off-air staff should not have to struggle at below poverty-level wages to continue providing engaging and informative sports coverage. They love sports, they love the Bay Area and they love connecting with the community through radio. Cumulus employees deserve a fair contract that protects local jobs and respects employees and listeners alike. The Bay Area deserves to have access to quality local radio.

Tell Cumulus that it should pay its workers a living wage. Tell Cumulus that by using the public airways, the company has an obligation to ensure quality programming. Please support local radio and the workers at KNBR by signing our petition below.

Read SAG-AFTRA's Aug. 12, 2016 statement.

Read a letter from San Francisco-Northern California Local President Kathryn Howell.

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